When you give something, you should regard the matter as closed.

Bhagavan expected devotees to be (…) unconcerned with the ashram’s finances. Though he permitted devotees to donate to the ashram if they felt like it, he did not want the donors to become involved in the ashram’s financial affairs.

Once, for instance, when Bhagavan was very sick,

Maurice Frydman gave Rs 1,000 to Chinnanswami and asked him to use it to buy fruit for Bhagavan. Chinnaswami, knowing that Bhagavan would not eat fruit unless everyone else was given an equal share, decided that it would be a waste of money to buy fruit every day for everyone in the ashram. A few months later Frydman came and asked Chinnaswami if the money had been spent as he requested. Chinnaswami got angry with him and told him that the ashram expenditures were none of his business. On this occasion Bhagavan supported Chinnaswami.

When Frydman came to the hall to complain (something Bhagavan generally disliked), Bhagavan said rather angrily: ‘When you give something, you should regard the matter as closed. How dare you use this gift to further your ego?’

For Bhagavan, actions themselves were neither good nor bad; he was always more concerned with the motives and the mental states that prompted them.

-Annamalai Swami in 'Living by the Words of Bhagavan'

from Life after joining Isha Yoga http://ift.tt/1hfPYEL