Fear of losing yourself ? A quote from Papaji

The fear of vanishing which may arise with inquiry,

is the old sensation: "I am the body."

This is not a fear of the new, but of leaving the old.

Have no fear and plunge into your own Being.

When "you" disappear, all fear will also.

Stay Quiet, be Still, Here you are.

Stay as presence in your Heart.

Do not fear meeting the Self,

it is what you always been.

Nothing can be lost, have no fear.

There can also be fear of "losing it."

Only when you possess something does the fear of losing arise.

Only Self cannot be held, so only Self cannot be lost.

The only way to avoid fear is to return to the inner beauty,

the Self, the Heart on the right.

~ Papaji

from Life after joining Isha Yoga http://ift.tt/1kIY0VG