Yoga Positions For Beginners

Yoga positions for beginners are so easy to learn. If you have not experienced any yoga session or have not seen one, that is not a problem. 

Practitioners have talked about the unification of the mind, body and spirit. They claimed that this will be acquired through the practice of yoga exercises and techniques. 

If it is your first time to hear of yoga, you will of course wonder how these exercises are done and how it looks like. Since you are a beginner, you will also definitely ask what kind of positions will be best for you. 

Yogis have believed that the mind and the body are bonded into a unified structure. This belief has never failed and changed through time. Yoga has extensively performed an amazing procedure of healing oneself through harmony. This can be successfully done if you are in a proper environment. 

With the great effects of yoga, the doctors have been convinced that yoga has some therapeutic results and can be recommended for people who have illnesses that is hard to cure. 

If you have some illness that has been with you for a long time, you can practice the yoga positions for beginners and apply it to yourself. 

If you want to practice the yoga positions for beginners, you must believe that yoga is effective and will help you to be cured or be refreshed. 

Yoga is not just a recent application. It has been practiced and applied a long time ago and up to the present, the people are benefiting a lot from it. 

Those of you not familiar with the latest on Yoga Positions for Beginners now have at least a basic understanding. But there’s more to come. 

Investigations and researches have been implemented to prove that yoga can be helpful in the healing process.

Therefore, it has been proved that the yoga positions for beginners are extremely effective and useful when it comes to maintaining a high level of joint flexibility. Although the yoga positions for beginners are just simple and basic, it can slowly bring up a healthy lifestyle and bring more when it is practiced over and over again. 

The yoga positions for beginners are very interesting and exciting to perform. Beginners will never find it hard to keep up with the exercises because it is just simple. The technique of yoga gives a very big contributing factor to our internal glands and organs. It also includes the parts of the human body which is barely stimulated. 

If you want to learn the yoga positions for beginners, you can learn it easily at home or at school where yoga is taught. 

Some basic yoga positions for beginners include standing poses, seated poses, forward and backward bends, balance and twisting. These yoga positions for beginners are not that far from those who are used to practicing yoga. Only that the extreme poses and positions are handled at the latter part of the exercise.

The time duration in executing the positions are also lessened because a beginner cannot fully cope up with a longer time exposure in practice. Rest is required of the beginner so that he will not be drained easily to prepare the body for further positions. 

Since you are a beginner, the most important thing you should understand is self discipline. Yoga is not just doing yoga and executing the poses. If you haven’t mastered the basics yet, do not jump into the complex stages and positions because you will not feel the essence of executing the yoga positions for beginners. 

That’s how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.

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easiest and quickest way to lose weight

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Book Review - Stop the Diet, I Want to Get Off!

A review of registered dietitian, Lisa Tillinger's Johansen's book regarding dieting: 'The Paleo. The Zone. The Gluten-free. Another day, another diet, weight loss plans, fueled by celebrity endorsers, TV doctors and companies.'

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online yoga sessions

Teaching yoga can be both rewarding and relaxing. The important part is to prepare yourself before your first lesson. Learning about teaching online yoga sessions is something that should begin within your own practice.
More than Asanas
Yoga is a holistic practice that encompasses much more than just the physical movements. Even if you never incorporate the other aspects of yoga into your personal classes you should be aware of them. There are eight limbs to yoga. The positions are just a single aspect.
The first limb is Yama, or the universal mortality. The second limb is Niyama, your personal observances. The third limb is Asanas. This is the physical part of yoga that most know. The fourth limb is Pranayama, the breath of life. These are also practiced in many online yoga sessions. The fifth limb is Pratyahara, the control of your senses. The sixth limb is Dharana, the cultivation of your inner awareness. The seventh limb is Dhyana, one's meditation on the Divine forces. The eight and last limb is Samadhi, your individual connection with the Divine.
Read a little on the other limbs of the practice. Be knowledgeable about the historical and cultural important of the practice. It won't seem to be knowledge that is useful in day-to-day teaching. This is not the case. You will have students ask questions about the practice. You will also find the deeper understanding helps you in your own teaching.

Poems for Easter Season


Thou went to the cross

to appease our collective ego.

What more proof do we need

of Thy great love for us ?

What appears as a supreme sacrifice

was no sacrifice for Thee --

for in Thy greatest magnanimity

Thou tried to show a way.

It reflects not an iota on Thee

that we, ignorant as we were

could not perceive but simply see

what it was all about !

It was again Thy immence magnificence

to descend once more

amidst the same dark bleakness

to show us where we went astray.

Lord, it could be only Thee who could

show us the futility of empty pray.

O Mother of mine, let Thy flock

who now see the light

remain forever at Thy Lotus Feet

and therefrom help to spread Thy light

to quarters yet in dark.



The resurrection within is my message for all times

Forgiveness and pure love my teachings

Those who could see beyond the cover

and had eyes to see, saw

and had ears to hear, heard.

But those who could neither see nor hear

were lost in this illusory sphere.

Among the ones who watched me hung on cross

were those with tender quivering hearts,

helpless in front of mighty those

shedding tears of blood and pain inside.

My message was lost on those who had me interred

rejoicing my death with relief and cheer.

But those loving sheep from my very own flock

who were seeking the comfort of their own true self

were the ones I chose to reveal the ultimate truth.

Mary Magdalene, who along with others some

on the third morn came in to tend to my tomb

was blessed with my sight as I chose

to reveal myself rising from the dead.

Mary, the truest of my disciples,

blessed by her faith and belief

I designated as apostle to the apostles

to carry forth the tidings of hope and eternal life.

But those who were false and not worthy of me

chose to forget all my teachings and instead

raised grand Cathedrals and Churches in my name

singing my paeans of glory as they sought only their own.

My promise to all to redeem them with my love

stands strong and unshaken till today.

Those who will have eyes to see, will see

Those who will have ears to hear, will hear.


from Sahaja Yoga Blog

Starting to Move Again, Part 2 (A Progress Report)

by Nina

Daffodil by Melina Meza

As some of you may remember, during this last winter, Baxter and I became concerned about people we were hearing about who were afraid of leaving the house because they were worried about falling on the winter ice. Even worse, we heard about a couple of people who had fallen and who had then lost all their confidence in their physical abilities. The real problem here is that loss of confidence can lead to inactivity, and that inactivity in turn leads to stiffness, weakness, loss of balance and/or loss of agility. But we knew that yoga could help these people so we got started blogging!

First, Baxter wrote a general post about how you can use yoga to cultivate balance specifically for dealing with icy conditions (see Winter Ice, Fear of Falling and Yoga).

But I decided that I wanted to help a specific individual, a women who had left a comment on my post Regaining Stability for Free. Here is the original comment:

“Omgosh. I ....this took my breath away. This is exactly what happened to me! I was this vibrant, moving being....then a stupid, nasty fall (via a piece of gravel on the sidewalk) ended all that. And my subsequent life mirrors your friend's. Thank you SO much for giving us hope!”

So I followed up with this reader to find out more about her particular issues, and with Baxter’s help I came up with three short yoga sequences for her to practice as a way to regain both her physical abilities and her confidence (see Starting to Move Again ). The three sequences were:

1. Baxter’s classic Low Back Care Practice. Because our reader was having back problems in addition to fear of falling, I hoped this sequence would help relieve back pain and restore a feeling of physical wellbeing.

2. Baxter’s classic Mini Restorative Practice . Because our reader was feeling anxious, I hoped this sequence would help relieve stress. And because she was stiff from lack of exercise, this sequence would allow her to gently and passively regain flexibility.

3. My Gentle All-Around Practice. Because the standing poses in this sequence build strength in the lower body and improve balance and stability, I felt this sequence would be helpful for our reader as well as for anyone who is afraid of falling.

My hope was that practicing these sequences on a regular basis would, over time, restore our reader’s flexibility, balance, and feelings of self confidence, and allow her to be a “vibrant, moving being” once again.

Now that it’s spring, I decided to check back in with her to see how the program had worked for her. The news was so good, I decided I had to share it with you. Here’s what she said:

“The moment I started practicing, I knew that I had the tools to positively effect a change, and that translated, almost immediately, into regaining my confidence. And once I got my flexibility back, it was as if there was a mind-body reconnection as well. Although I sometimes backslide, when I do attend to the poses and sync my mind with my body, I feel pretty much invincible!”

I’m partly sharing this with you simply because it makes me so happy! But there is also an important takeaway: having a home practice, however basic, is empowering.


Papaji - Quiet

from Life after joining Isha Yoga