Where, there is witnessing, and nothing to judge, life becomes celebration


Some people abused and threw stones at Ramateertha when he was in New York. When he returned home, he was dancing.

A disciple asked, ”What happened, why are you so happy?”

Ramateertha replied, ”It is a matter of joy. Today Ramateertha was in great difficulty. Some people started abusing him, ridiculing him and some people started throwing stones at him. It was great fun seeing Ramateertha being harassed and trapped. He was badly trapped!”

His disciples were puzzled and they asked, ”Who are you talking about? Who is this Ramateertha?”

Ramateertha replied, keeping his hands on his chest, ”This Ramateertha was badly trapped and I was just watching and enjoying seeing him trapped. I saw those who were abusing him and I also saw that man Ramateertha who was trapped and being abused.

I kept watching the whole scene.”

from Life after joining Isha Yoga http://ift.tt/1j6EsIx