For just five minutes keep quiet....................................... Papaji

For just five minutes keep quiet, and don't look here or there or anywhere. Just five minutes! If you can't then two and a half minutes is quite enough. Decide this sometime in your life span.

Even the thought of meditation is a thought, and therefore, I do not suggest what most people call meditation. Just keep Quiet by looking at the thoughts and the thought will disappear and what remains will be silence. Silence is most important for you and this is the meditation that I speak of. You can keep silent when you are doing your activities by just looking at the thoughts that arise and knowing that these thoughts belong to the past. Mind itself is the past, it is a thought, it is time. So when you look at the thought time is gone, past is gone, mind is gone. The no-mind state is a state of quietness and if you stay here you are always Quiet during your activities also.


from Life after joining Isha Yoga